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About Kamancheh

The Kamancheh, a venerable stringed instrument indigenous to Iran and the Middle East, is one of the oldest musical artifacts in this geographical and cultural context. Originating as an evolutionary iteration of the Robab, the Kamancheh holds several appellations, including “کمانچه” (kamānche or kamāncha) in Persian, “Kamança” in Azerbaijani and “کەمانچە” (Kemançe) in Kurdish.

Distinguished by its distinctive construction, the Kamancheh boasts a rounded resonating chamber and an elongated neck. Comprising a quartet of strings, this instrument, akin to the guitar and violin, achieves tonal variation by manipulating tuning pegs. The bow wielded for Kamancheh performance, termed the “Kaman,” bears semblance to its counterpart in the violin, colloquially supplanted by the French term “archet,” signifying a miniature bow.

The specific morphology and dimensions of Kamancheh resonating chambers are not universally standardized. These resonating chambers are variously shaped, ranging from spherical configurations to conical formations. An intriguing variant of the Kamancheh features an exposed rear resonating chamber. 

This iteration predominantly originates and flourishes in central Iran and Lorestan. Notably, such instruments emanate a persistent and lucid auditory output bolstered by their lightweight resonating chambers, which facilitate the execution of swift rotational maneuvers integral to specific musical passages.Historically characterized by a trinity of strings, contemporary iterations of the Kamancheh increasingly integrate a quartet of strings. In open-back Kamancheh, the prevailing material employed is one contiguous block of mulberry wood.

Conventional crafting techniques for Iranian fiddle resonating chambers involve juxtaposing numerous wooden segments. These components, numbering anywhere from a dozen to over eighty, culminate in the final construction.

Within the sonic tapestry of Middle Eastern music, the Kamancheh assumes a paramount role, assuming a status as one of its central instruments. The Kamancheh’s significance extends to solo and ensemble performances, wherein its timbral contribution remains pivotal. The amalgamation of several Kamancheh instruments coalescing in harmony elicits parallels with the sonority evoked by a Western string orchestra. Although characterized by a slightly nasal tonality, this auditory quality is imbued with profound cultural and musical connotations intrinsic to Iranian heritage.

Kourosh Babaei

Kourosh Babaei, (کوروش بابایی)born in 1971 in Abadan, Iran, is a distinguished Iranian-Canadian musician celebrated for his mastery of the Kamancheh, his prowess as a composer, and his expertise in traditional Iranian classical music. His contributions to the world of music have garnered admiration both within Iran and internationally due to his exceptional skills and profound artistic sensibilities.

Babaei’s musical expedition commenced at the tender age of 12 when he embarked on his formal training. Even at this youthful stage, his exceptional talent was evident as he effortlessly executed intricate melodies. His education in traditional Persian Classical Music and Kamancheh technique deepened under the tutelage of the esteemed Ostad Ardeshir Kamkar. Additionally, Babaei possesses proficiency in the violin, specializing in the Persian performance style.

Throughout his career, Babaei has collaborated with distinguished figures in Iranian traditional music, including luminaries such as Faramarz Payvar, Parviz Meshkatian, Hooshang Zarif, and numerous other esteemed artists. His creative output transcends geographical boundaries, reflecting diverse musical influences and cross-cultural amalgamations. Notably, he has collaborated with celebrated Iranian vocalists such as Shajarian, Shahram Nazeri, Iraj Bastami, Alireza Eftekhari, Alireza Ghorbani, Hamidreza Nourbakhsh, Mohammad Montasheri, Razavi Sarvestani, Ali Rostamian, Bahram Sarang, Hesam Seraj, among others.

Babaei embarked on collaborations with accomplished international musicians in his pursuit of global musical exploration. He is a pioneering force in Iranian music, consistently seeking to introduce innovative concepts and embrace fusion styles. Furthermore, his compositions extend to orchestral and traditional arrangements, showcasing collaborations with individual artists over his illustrious career. Babaei firmly believes in the universal language of music as a means to harmoniously unite diverse cultures beyond geographical borders.

Babaei boasts an extensive discography, contributing to more than 150 music albums as a performer and a composer. His active participation in numerous Fusion-Contemporary festivals worldwide has spotlighted his talents across nations including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, USA, South Korea, France, Spain, China, India, Croatia, Turkey, Thailand, the UAE, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Morocco, and his home country, Canada. Furthermore, his recent collaborations with artists like Bjorn Meyer and Christoph Rezaei across various genres have garnered recognition from fellow artists and artistic organizations, leading to invitations to perform at prestigious international festivals.

In 2016, Kourosh Babaei relocated to Toronto with his family, propelled by a genuine desire to broaden his musical horizons as a performer and a composer. His remarkable accomplishments are a testament to his unwavering determination, tireless dedication, and unyielding commitment to sharing his exceptional talents with a global audience.

Sample Music

This section is part of my music sample that I produced and played you can listen complete song on Spotify.



Tiba is my daughter’s name and I wrote this music for her. I played Tarhou in this song.



This peace wrote for Kamancheh and persian ensemble. This mood called “Bayat Tork” 



This Song called “Shano” I selected part of middle of the song.

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Kourosh Babaei
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