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About Kamancheh

The kamancheh (also kamānche or kamāncha) (Persian: کمانچه‎, Azerbaijani: Kamança, Kurdish: کەمانچە ,Kemançe‎) is an Iranian bowed string instrument used in Persian, Azerbaijani and Kurdish music. The kamanchech is related to the rebab which is the historical ancestor of the kamancheh and the bowed Byzantine lyra. The strings are played with a variable-tension bow. It is widely used in the classical music of Iran, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan with slight variations in the structure of the instrument.

Name and etymology

The word “kamancheh” means “little bow” in Persian (kæman, bow, and -cheh, diminutive). The Turkish word kemençe is borrowed from Persian, with the pronunciation adapted to Turkish phonology. It also denotes a bowed string instrument, but the Turkish version differs significantly in structure and sound from the Persian kamancheh. There is also an instrument called kabak kemane literally “pumpkin-shaped bow instrument” used in Turkish music which is only slightly different from the Iranian kamancheh.

Kourosh Babaei

(Persian: کورش بابایی, born 1971 in Abadan, Iran ) is an Iranian musician, Kamancheh player, composer, music instructor and performer of classical & traditional music. He started music at age 12 & passed a course with Ardeshir Kamkar after a few years he was collaborating with him and his band,(Aref) Kourosh has always been known for his techniques and specific taste. Babaei has played with several famous and great Iranian traditional musicians such as Faramarz Payvar, Parviz Meshkatian, Hooshang Zarif… Babaei is one of the Iranian musician pioneers who tried to bring new ideas and started focusing on fusion style of music. He believes that each region’s music has it’s own words that should makes it simple to the others who is looking to get more knowledge about region’s music. Two of his recent projects in Babaei recently moved to Toronto to explore and expand more of his music there. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Artistic Director 2016-Present Borderless Band Producer / Recording & Mixing Engineer 2013-Present Composer 2018 Album: Tiba 2018 Album: Borderless Collaboration in album: 2017 Album: Gypsy 2016 Album: The noises of silence SELECTED Projects Recordings Tehran Parsi Project with Alain Brunet, Gerome Regard, Manhu Roche, Morteza Esmaili, Shahin During & Alex Simu The garden of Silents project with Bjorn Meyer, Azita Hamidi I would Love to invite you following me on Spotify, Sound Cloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora.

Sample Music

This section is part of my music sample that I produced and played you can listen complete song on Spotify.



Tiba is my daughter’s name and I wrote this music for her. I played Tarhou in this song.



This peace wrote for Kamancheh and persian ensemble. This mood called “Bayat Tork” 



This Song called “Shano” I selected part of middle of the song.

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Kourosh Babaei
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